Team Parent Duties

Updated Wednesday September 20, 2017 by Kenji Field.

Team Parent Duties

The team parent fulfills a very important role on every baseball team by disseminating
information and keeping the team organized. A good team parent can make life much easier for managers, coaches, parents and players alike. The following is a list of some of the duties a team parent might encounter:

• Ensure all shifts are covered on the Snack Shack work schedule. You must provide a schedule with names and phone numbers of volunteers to the concessions director at least two weeks prior to your scheduled time; 

• Distribute Hit-A-Thon pledge forms to each player; assist with tallying scores and amounts at the Hit-A-Thon; ensure pledge money is returned to the 2nd vice-president by the deadline; 

• Advise players of date and time of team photos; distribute envelopes for extra photo orders; distribute team photos to each player; 

• Help make phone calls to advise of practices, games, Broken Bat Ball, Picnic Day, etc.; 

• Organize the end of the season team party. This may include collecting donations for manager and coach gifts and player awards if deemed appropriate. Players on the winning team in each division (except T-Ball) will receive a trophy provided by the league. The league also provides All-Star trophies;

• Assist with the return of each player’s uniform shirt (except T-Ball) to the equipment 
manager at the end of your team’s season.

• Other duties as required (the scariest part of all). This may include driving players to practices and games; decorating the Opening Day float; getting ice; or running errands.

Don’t let this list scare you. Being a team parent is a very rewarding job that allows you to help the team and get to know all the players and their families. Many times, the manager or coach will do some of these duties. Use this list as a guideline of some of the duties to expect and enjoy.